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Phoenix Handpan Care - Products for handpan cleaning and maintenance



Product description

Product description

Phoenix Handpan Oil is the first product of Phoenix Handpan Care line.

Thanks to the presence of natural ingredients and essencial oil with antibacterial effect, it helps to eliminate dust and dirt and to create a protective barrier  on the surface without  leaving residue and giving shiny finish.

Phoenix Handpan Oil doesn’t contain aggressive or acidic substances. The pleasant scent of lemongrass is the natural smell of some ingredients in our secret formula.

Product highlights

  • Thanks to a special formula Phoenix Handpan Oil protects your instrument from rust and leaves a shiny finish on it.
  • Phoenix Handpan Oil is skin safe, nonhazardous and made with 99,5% of raw vegetal material.
  • Phoenix Handpan Oil is not sticky and can be removed easily from your instrument and from the cloths used to clean.
  • Phoenix Handpan Oil doesn’t leave residue and helps to eliminate dirt from the instrument.
  • After using Phoenix Handpan Oil your instrument will sound clear without any alteration.



Care & Protection

Thanks to the formula specifically studied for metal musical instruments Phoenix Handpan oil helps you in protection and maintenance.

Sound Quality

Phoenix Handpan Oil doesn’t leave residue and helps to eliminate dirt from the instrument. After using it your instrument will sound clear with no sound alterations.

Healthy product

Phoenix Handpan Oil is a natural product who respect the instrument but also your skin and health. We take care at you as well as at your instruments.

Take Care Of Your Instrument

Special Formula




User reviews

The best oil

Yepp the best oil never tried before.. Thx again Alessia and Benny 😉 ... Big love... Ciao Alessio...
Alessio Massi
Hard Case Technologies

This oil is super cool!

This oil is super cool! It has a sweet smell and your hands will be clean after use it without no bad liquids residue. What is impressive is that after used it and played my Handpan a couple of time I find out that it was still really clean: so this oil has a protective skill too and this is a real good quality.
Dorian Rush
Hand Pan Player

I only use Phoenix Oil now!

This is exactly what i have been looking for : An efficient oil, that can protect my instrument, not sticky and which smell good 😉 I only use phoenix oil now. Thanks!
David Charrier
Creator of Masterthehandpan.com

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