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Our story

Phoenix Handpan Oil is the first product of Phoenix Handpan Care line. Thanks to the presence of natural ingredients and essencial oil with antibacterial effect, it helps to create a protective barrier on the surface without leaving residue and giving shiny finish. Phoenix Handpan Oil doesn’t contain aggressive or acidic substances. The pleasant scent of lemongrass is the natural smell of some ingredients in our secret formula.


Australian handpan player  and multi instrumentalist Benny travels all over the world performing in events, festivals, yoga masterclasses and private functions. The handpan is the instruments that changed his life and allowed him to connect with people through love and music. Discover more on his website


Alessia is a passionate handpan player. Her love for music started when she was a child and finding the handpan has been a beautiful way to express herself musically again.


Enjoy the pure sound of your instrument and be conscious that your Handpan is well taken care of without absorbing harmful chemicals through your hands while playing.


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