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Our good friend and endorser David Charrier, is known to be a handpan pioneer, a great player but also an amazing teacher. With more than 7 years of experience teaching people around the world, he has developed a unique music scoring and method to teach handpan to his students quickly and with great results. 

In 2016, he created an online school known to be fun and efficient. His lessons are self-paced, allowing you to work at your own rythme.  
Embraced by the handpan community, his handpan tutorials have enabled hundreds of students to enhance their skills and elevate their musical expression. See below some students feedback

• Your dream is to learn how to play the handpan but you don’t know where to start?

• You would like to take your playing to the next level but you feel stuck?



at check out on the website

Ozali Debut at French Festival

So proud to present you the last project of Benny Bettane with his band OZALI.

Carmelo Isgrò at the bass guitar and Ivan Ciccarelli at the drum kit together with Benny at the handpan and rav drum compose this amazing band.

The name is the fusion between Australia (Aussie) and Italy, countries where the trio comes from.

Ozali is a fusion jazz band who mix rythm with jazz and fynky groove adding electronic vibe and transforming the sounds of the handpan in a real catchy music.

The first performance of the group has taken place during the Hand Pan Festival in France last june.

Phoenix Handpan care support the band since the product is not only used for the handpan but is optimized for other metal musical instruments like cymbals.

Whatch the promo video and enjoy Ozali music!

Photo credits: Vincent Guilbaud Photography 

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